A message from the Benevolent Fund Chair:

“The Trustees of the Optical Benevolent Fund are grateful for the annual donations received from the members of the AOP and College of Optometrists. These are £3 and £2 per member respectively that is included in each annual subscription. Many College members enhance this with extra one-off gifts.

This regular income, together with profits made from investments, enables the Benevolent Fund to support optometrists and their families who are currently going through difficult times. It may surprise you to know that half of the beneficiaries are of working age. The Benevolent Fund aims to support such optometrists to stay in work, with the eventual aim of being able to support themselves and their families again without help.

If you are not a member of the AOP or College you can still donate to the Benevolent Fund to help your colleagues who find themselves in difficulty due to illness, accident, bereavement or other unforeseen circumstances.

When you renew your subscription to AOP or College, please consider adding an extra donation. This may be an additional £2 or £3 but be assured it will be used wisely by the Trustees.

The Benevolent Fund has benefitted from legacies and they make a huge difference to the scope of our operation. If you are updating your will, could you consider including a donation to the Benevolent Fund?

If you wish to make a donation by electronic bank transfer, these are our bank details:  

Account name: The Benevolent Fund of the College of Optometrists & Association of Optometrists

Bank: CAF   Sort code: 40-52-40   Account number: 00033221

For more information or to enquire further about making a donation please contact the Administrative Secretary at or use the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Thank you.”